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THE Parent / Teachers Council

‘Terms of Reference’


Article 1-Establishing the Council:

The parent –Teachers Council was established by AL Sahwa Schools’ Board of Trustees to give parents and teachers a regular opportunity to contribute to the effective operation and further development of the schools, now and in the future.

The discussion of the council are always reported to the board, as matter of routine and decisions by the board about particular matters relating to the schools’ portion and development are taken in the light of parents’ and teachers’ views, alongside other significant considerations must be reflected in the outcomes of the schools’ good management.

It is intended that the council will be a forum for discussion of matters relating to the work of the schools and it is expected that the outcomes of these discussion will reflect, as for as possible, the joint views of staff and parents.


Article 2- Aims of the council:

The aims of the council are:

  1. To strengthen relations between parents and schools, by collaborating in the up-bringing of the young people in a stable and encouraging atmosphere so that they may achieve maximum all-round success.
  2. To help student develop positive attitudes about themselves, to other and to their school.
  3. To review areas of the schools’ work and to agree appropriate outcomes for further action students’ benefit.
  4. To encourage student to be self-motivated towards their learning, to maintain high student’s presentation in their class work and homework, to achieve good progress and To achieve the highest possible levels of attainment in all subjects.
  5. To help Al Sahwa in carrying out its role as a guiding light in the community.
  6. To advise the schools’ management so that Al Sahwa is able to carry out its duties as well as possible.

Article 3-Membership of the Parent/Teacher’s council:

The membership of the Parent/Teacher’s council is:

  1. Five Fathers elected at the meeting at the start of the year.
  2. Five Mothers elected at the meeting at the start of the year.
  3. The School’s Director.
  4. The Assistant Principal (Finance & Administration).
  5. The Principal (Boys’ School).
  6. The Principal (Girls’ School).
  7. The Principal (Primary and KG School)
  8. The Director of Communication & Development
  9. The Head of Students Services
  10. The Deputy Primary Principal
  11. The Curriculum and IBDP Coordinator.
  12. The Head of core Subject Departments in the Schools: Islamic Education, Arabic, Social Studies, English, Mathematics and Science.
  • In addition, the council may invite – to one or more of its meetings – other members of the Schools’ staff whose presence would be relevant for particular planned discussions.